By Beth Newcome

Offered to her patients as the Novalyft, Dr. Maria Keller, a board-certified gynecologist and aesthetic medicine physician with more than 20 years of practice experience and the owner of LiveAgelessly, changed the way women recaptured their youth.

“Our original NovaLyft incorporated the use of PDO (polydiananone) absorbable suture threads to fill in wrinkles and lift sagging skin. It took the place of a face lift and offered immediate—and dramatic—results,” she says.

The only challenge with the original NovaLyft, Dr. Keller notes, is there were limitations as to where the threads could be placed, and those threads had a limited lifespan. But because she’s ever on the leading edge of innovation when it comes to aesthetic rejuvenation, a trip to London, England found her immersed in a newer PDO technology she’s calling the UpLift.

“With our UpLift, we can dramatically change the appearance of the jawline, neck, nasal labial folds, eye bags and more,” she explains. “These are collagen boosting threads and my technique is to lay them under the skin in a parallel vector, which produces a more dramatic lift with effects that can be enjoyed for about a year.”

Jowls that used to require surgical intervention are now eliminated in about an hour. Under eye bags can be abolished, too—something Dr. Keller couldn’t accomplish with the Novalyft.

“It’s amazing how much lift you get with the UpLift threads versus the Nova threads,” she comments. “My patients are already raving about the results.”

“People recognize a V-shaped jawline to represent youth and vitality,” Dr. Keller remarks. “Now I can take you there without the pain, expense and downtime of a surgical face lift.”

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