Every patient is different. Our genetic make-up is the basis for our uniqueness. Just as our genes determine our hair and eye color, they also play a large role in how our bodies respond to medications. Pharmacogenetic testing reveals variations in genes that code for proteins that influence drug responses. Such proteins include a number of liver enzymes that convert medications into their active or inactive forms, as well as proteins with which drugs interact to produce their therapeutic effects. Even small differences in the genetic sequences of these enzymes can have a big impact on a drug’s safety or effectiveness. By using this information to select the best drug for a particular patient, physicians can optimize therapy for their patients, reducing dangerous adverse drug reactions, improving drug tolerability, and achieving the best clinical results for that specific patient.

Reasons for Testing:

  • Personalized treatment with better initial dosing
  • Minimize side effects
  • Reduce adverse drug events and treatment failures
  • Enhanced outcome with better drug efficacy
  • Detect medications that may result in a drug-drug interaction

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