By dedicating the practice to office based gynecology, Dr. Keller has the time to focus on patient consultations in a personal relaxed setting. Dr. Keller practices with a holistic approach that includes preventative care with options that include all possible choices. Ultimately she wants to give you all the information, but she also will include non-invasive natural approaches allowing you to have all options as you decide on what makes the most sense for your lifestyle and personal desire.

Dr. Keller uses a minimally invasive approach to medical care, however she also knows when an invasive approach is the best option because sometimes that is the best option. Her expertise in hormones often gives her an advantage to understand how to manage gynecologic problems such as irregular menstrual cycles, menopausal changes, libido (loss of sexual desire) and mood changes of anxiety, irritability or being overly emotional especially around the time of the menstrual cycle.

She does offer minimally invasive procedures, however when alternative and traditional treatment options are not an effective or realistic option, major surgery may be the only or best treatment. For conditions that require major surgery, Dr. Keller will refer you to a trusted colleague with expertise in managing the condition that requires surgical treatment and to physicians who do high volume surgical treatments of your condition.